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Transit Accessibility for Everyone   I'm committed to ensuring everyone has fair access to transit. As the founder of Kingsbridge Matters, an advocacy group for Ward 4, I am very passionate about the upcoming LRT. Kingsbridge Matters was founded to address the serious gaps in planning of the LRT for over 10 000 residents. These mistakes prevent seniors and people with disabilities from gaining the mobility they deserve.

Eliminate Waste If we manage our budget efficiently, then our taxes can provide more for each and every dollar. As a business owner, I find efficiencies every day! 

Reduce Gridlock and Congestion Too long, residents have complained about transit difficulties. Clearly, transit is not working for everyone. It's my duty to find efficiencies, save funds and re-invest it into transit to improve the service for all citizens.

Support Communities   I will be the voice for Ward 4 residents, advocating on behalf of your concerns. 

Crime Prevention   It is my duty to ensure a safer neighbourhood for residents and their families in Ward 4. Certain neighbourhoods in the Ward are heavily afflicted by crime, and this can no longer be the case. Ward 4 is the only Ward in Mississauga without a Resident's Association, so as a first step as councillor, I plan to establish one.

Better Future for Ward 4 There are many issues for different segments of our population, the issues affecting seniors are different than those of our youth. They are all top priority for me. I am committed to addressing all of them during my time as councillor. 









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