What are the three levels of government in Canada?   Federal, provincial and municipal.

What are the responsibilities of the municipal government? Municipal governments are responsible for areas such as libraries, parks, community water systems, local police, roadways and parking. They receive authority for these areas from the provincial governments.

How are decisions made? 

 City Council makes decisions following a legislative process set by the Ontario Municipal Act. Council considers such things as:

  • Needs of the community
  • Community Strategic Plan
  • Council’s priorities
  • Recommendations from Committees
  • Advice and recommendations from Staff
  • Legislation
  • Research about other cities around the world

The community has a role throughout Council’s decision making process. As issues move from idea to decision, community input is critical. Members of the community can contact their City Councillor or the Mayor, speak with City staff, speak at a Committee, participate in local and neighbourhood groups working with the City and of course, vote in municipal elections.