Community Projects

Kingsbridge Matters

Kingsbridge Matters is a local community initiative focused on rallying for an LRT stop in the Kingsbridge Community. This stop will increase transit options for the citizens in this area.It is important for all citizens to be able to access the city’s services in a timely manner. 

The Hurontario LRT project will bring high speed transit to Mississauga, from Steeles Ave to Lakeshore Road. It aims to relieve traffic gridlock in a time of rapid population growth and connect major municipal areas.  However, a key area — Kingsbridge — has been neglected. 

That’s why I founded Kingsbridge Matters, to advocate for a stop at this community. 

Kingsbridge has a vibrant and diverse population of 15 000. There is a need to look after everyone’s needs —including persons with disabilities. Installing an LRT station at Kingsbridge will be essential for the “Coalitions for Persons with Disabilities,” and fall in line with provincial accessibility laws.

Current plans overlook these factors, leaving Kingsbridge residents with reduced transit options.

The LRT route would not be significantly affected by the inclusion of the new station. All that is required is to construct a new station on the existing plans for the route. 

With only minor additional delays and costs projected for the inclusion of Kingsbridge to the LRT system, the proposed changes carry far more benefits for the growing population than costs. It makes sense to plan to avoid future problems with traffic and not meeting citizens’ needs. Accordingly, the Kingsbridge area should be included in the upcoming LRT system.